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    Hi, I’m Isabella.

    I am born in Europe, raised in California, and have lived in New York and across the East for the past decade.

    I have been stimulated by culture and deep meaning, and get inspired by authenticity and hard-to-find smarts.

    I find stimulation comes in many varieties, both physical and intellectual.

    I am well-rounded, open-minded, love to laugh, and genuinely interested in knowing who you are… you will soon discover I am not just saying that.

    My hope is that you too are real, romantic, chilled out, relaxed, and know how to be yourself and have a good time.

    After a life of world travel and internationally exotic heritage, I have become masterful at blending into any environment.

    We would have a blast enjoying the most relaxed, the most invigorating, or the most formal evening together.

    Please take a look at my website. I have written many true Tantra stories there for you.

    If you can tell that we make a gratifying match…

    I look forward to your introduction.


    Warm love,


    Tantra GFE | Chicago Escort Elite


    ***I do not meet everyone who inquires. I have a verification process that you must go through and I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.